Shimmering in Grey and White

Catching the Moon

Moonstone, with its thousand shades of white and its dreamy glare, is – like labradorite – a member of the feldspar group and has great cultural and historical value. The Romans believed moonstone to be created by the light rays from the moon itself. It has been used in arts and crafts for thousands of years and has been associated with lunar deities. In modern culture it has become the birthstone for the month of June.

This bracelet is a combination of translucent white, round moonstone beads, grey, elliptical moonstone beads, and small white Italian seed beads. The real glass seed beads are set as spacers between the moonstone beads - their white, pearly luster perfectly contrasts the darker grey nuances of the elliptical moonstone beads, and accentuates the beautiful, natural shimmer of the white, round moonstone beads.


The total length of the bracelet is 20cm. The white moonstone beads have a diameter of 0.5cm; the grey moonstones are 0.8cm wide and 0.5cm high. The bracelet closes with platin-colored lobster-claw clasp.

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