Green and Mauve-Colored Spring Necklace

This item is a medium sized single strand necklace containing mauve-colored jade, prehnite, and a stone about which even my suppliers and geologists from universities are uncertain about.

The unusual mauve-colored (also referred to as purple or lavender) jade is also called jadeite and was personally mined by my supplier on his last trip to Turkey. In this necklace the beads are cut to long, faceted cylinders. Their shape is countered by the round mystery stone (probably an opaque variation of fluorite with its green and dark lavender bands), and accentuated by the elliptical pale-green and translucent prehnite beads.

The necklace is approximately 60cm long and closes with a copper clasp.

Bead details:

- Mauve-colored jade: 2.5cm long and 1cm wide
- Prehnite: 0.5cm long and 1cm wide

- Mystery stone (maybe fluorite): round, 1cm in diameter

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